How to keep your workplace safe in covid-19

What Steps can office building owners, employers, and Party Wall Surveyors adopt to protect their clients and workers and reduce the Covid-19 infection rate? Read on to find out.

Implement a Screening Process

Have employees scan themselves every day for possible Covid-19 symptoms. Always screen contractors, Party Wall experts, clients, and icon surveyors who visit your workplace to execute different tasks.

Increase air circulation by keeping doors and windows open and use fans where possible. If keeping doors and windows open poses a health or safety risk, keep them closed and adopt an air conditioning system.

Determine Vulnerable Areas that may Increase Covid-19 Transmission in the workplace

  • As an employer, you are responsible for keeping the workplace healthy and safe. Conduct an extensive hazard evaluation of the workplace. Doing so helps you establish potential areas that may increase the Covid-19 infection rate.
  • Involve all departments in your communication programs.
  • Assess common work areas where workers may have close contact with their colleagues or visitors, such as the cafeteria, and break, check-in, meeting, or locker rooms. Entry, waiting, and exit areas can also be potential infection areas.
  • If you work closely with contractors, devise a communication channel with the contracting company. Ensure they understand changes to requirements and procedures the company is adopting to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Sick Workers Should Stay Home Until they Feel Better

If workers start showing signs of illness at the workplace, let them go home and self-isolate until they get well. Encourage them to get tested to allay any fears of Covid-19 infection. Today, there are numerous local Covid-19 testing centres where people can get quick assistance.

Modify the Workplace to Meet the Covid-19 Regulations

  • Workers should maintain a 6 feet social distancing where possible. Employees may need to adjust workstations, furniture, and seats to meet this rule. If space allows, create an outdoor working section but be sure to abide by the requirements of the Party Wall Act.
  • Install physical barriers like plastic shields to separate visitors from workers, especially in limited areas.
  • Rearrange furniture in the reception or other common seating areas in the workplace and label them accordingly. Indicate where visitors should sit as well as restricted areas. Consider removing chairs where spaces are limited.

Replace Frequently Touched Items

Consider replacing bulk communal snacks and coffee pots with single-serve, pre-packaged items. Encourage employees to carry their own water to reduce contact with water dispensers. You may also adopt no-touch water dispensers where possible.

Insist on Wearing of Masks

Wearing well-fitting masks reduces the risk of Covid-19 infection. Ensure workers and visitors wear a two-layered mask. Based on your working station, workers may have to wear eye protection and surgical masks.

Maintain High Levels of Cleanliness

Make sure the workplace is cleaned thoroughly and disinfected frequently. Create hand washing areas where possible or provide sanitisers. Keep cleaning supplies and hand sanitiser in every workstation.

Avoid Crowded Elevators

If your workplace is in a building with elevators, consider taking the stairs where possible.


Washing your hands with water and soap is one of the effective ways of keeping germs at bay. Encourage workers to wash their hands thoroughly as frequently as possible and avoid crowded areas.

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