Party Wall Section 19

Section 19 of the Party Wall Act: The Crown

Section 19 “refers to the Crown exemptions. This currently repeats the existing London Building Acts.”

[The Earl of Lytton]

Section 19(1) provides that the Act applies to land in which the Queen has an interest that is held by the Crown or any land in which there is an interest held by a government department, or any interest held in trust for the Queen for the purposes of any government department.

Section 19(2) provides that the Act applies to land that is vested in but not occupied by the Queen in the right of the Duchy of Lancaster. In other words, the Duchy of Lancaster is a private estate owned by the Queen, as the Duke of Lancaster. The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (Currently, Rt. Hon. Michael Gove) administers the estates and rents of the Duchy of Lancaster and is a member of the cabinet.

This subsection also provides that the Act applies to land that is vested in but not occupied by, the possessor for the time being of the Duchy of Cornwall. The Duchy of Cornwall is a private estate currently held by Charles, the Prince of Wales. The revenues raised from this estate are passed to HRH The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, who chooses to use them to fund his public, charitable and private activities and those of his family.

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