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We’re your friendly and highly skilled team of surveying experts, nestled right in the heart of Central London. With additional offices sprinkled across North London, East London, and Surrey, we’re ideally positioned to cater to clients all around the region. Specialising in Party Wall matters, Boundary Surveys, and Building Surveys, we take pride in being governed by top-tier organizations like the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), and Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). As RICS Registered Valuers and RICS Accredited Mediators, we’re not just experts — we’re certified professionals dedicated to managing your surveying needs with a smile and the highest level of professionalism. Choosing us as your Chartered Party Wall Surveyors means placing your trust in safe, capable hands. Let’s make your property goals a reality together!

What We Do

The leading choice for Party Wall surveying and a broad spectrum of residential surveying services throughout England and Wales. Our proficiency spans the entire gamut of Building Surveying, but it’s our deep dive into Party Wall Surveying where we truly excel. Backed by years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, we’ve carved out our niche as the go-to specialists.
What sets us apart is our commitment to achieving stellar results. Our dedicated team of surveyors doesn’t just work for you; they work with you, going the extra mile to ensure you receive the best outcomes for all your property needs. We recognize the uniqueness of each situation, and we customize our efforts to align perfectly with your specific requirements. Whether it’s navigating Party Wall intricacies, conducting Boundary Surveys, or undertaking comprehensive Building Surveys, our promise is to deliver nothing short of exceptional service and the most favourable results.
Choosing Icon as your surveying partner means you’re teaming up with a passionate and professional group committed to the highest standards of expertise and service. Discover the Icon difference: specialised knowledge, a proactive approach, and a relentless drive to ensure outstanding outcomes for your property projects. Trust Icon to be your staunch ally and advocate through every step of the surveying process.

Party Wall Surveyors Role

Expert Consultation

Our Party Wall Surveying experts guide you through your construction project, ensuring compliance with the Party Wall Act while streamlining the process and minimizing disputes.

Serving Notice

We prepare and serve clear, concise, and legally compliant Party Wall Notices, enhancing the chances of gaining consent from your neighbours while outlining the project’s impact.

Surveyor Appointment

If adjoining owners request a surveyor, our skilled Party Wall Surveyors represent your interests and collaborate with others to ensure fair and impartial resolutions for both parties.

Crafting the Party Wall Award

Our surveyors carefully assess proposed works and draft a thorough Party Wall Award, providing you with peace of mind and confidence to move forward with your project.

Monitoring and Ensuring Compliance

Our Party Wall Surveyors monitor construction progress, ensuring compliance with the Party Wall Award, and verifying proper completion without damage to adjoining properties.

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    What is a Party Wall Notice for Chimney Breast Removal?

    A Party Wall Notice for chimney breast removal is a mandatory formal notice issued by a building owner or their designated Party Wall Surveyor to adjoining property owners under the Party Wall Act. This notice is crucial when planning chimney breast removals as it informs neighbouring property owners about the planned work that could impact the shared wall or structure. The Party Wall Notice details the nature of the chimney breast removal, the expected start date of the project, and how it might affect the adjoining properties.

    Upon receiving a Party Wall Notice for chimney breast removal, adjoining owners have three options to consider and respond, ensuring that all parties are aware and agreeable to the upcoming construction activities.

    Consent to the Party Wall Notice

    The first option for the adjoining owner is to provide written consent to the building owner’s Party Wall Notice. By giving consent. the adjoining owner acknowledges and agrees to the proposed works, relieving the building owner of any further legal obligations.

    Dissent and appoint a Party Well Surveyor

    The second option for the adjoining owner is to dissent from the Party Wall Notice appoint their own Party Wall Surveyor or use the same Surveyor also known as an Agreed Surveyor. This ensures that their interests and concerns are protected throughout the process. The appointed Party Wall Surveyor will agree on a Party Wall Award, which is a legally binding document that sets out the rights and obligations of both parties regarding the proposed works.

    Do nothing and be deemed to dissent:

    The third option for the adjoining owner is to not respond to the Party Wall Notrce within the specified timeframe. In such cases, Me adjoining owner is deemed to dissent, triggering the appointment of a Party Wall Surveyor by the building owner. This option is not recommended, as it removes the control and involvement of the adjoining owner in the process, potentially leading to disputes and delays.

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    Our Accreditations

    Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is one of the world’s largest and most influential professional bodies that regulates and promotes the property surveying profession. With a Royal Charter since 1881. Within our team, we have both RICS Registered Party Wall Surveyors, Valuers and RICS Accredited Mediators. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
    Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) Chartered Institute of Building. The Chartered Institute of Building is the world’s largest and most influential professional body for construction management and leadership. With a Royal Charter since 1834 to promote the science and practice of building and construction for the benefit of society. Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)
    Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators is the world’s leading qualification and professional body for dispute avoidance and dispute management. With a Royal Charter since1979. Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)
    Cabe CABE. Chartered Association of Building Engineers. A Building Engineer is a competent, professionally qualified, experienced individual with a critical understanding of the interaction of buildings and people. Building Engineers collaborate to deliver better outcomes for everyone. Cabe
    Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution. The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) specialises in mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). We are an independent non-profit organisation and a registered charity. Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR)
    RICS Registered Valuer RICS. The independent quality assurance process of Valuer Registration, reinforces the highest professional standards. Valuer Registration is a risk monitoring and quality assurance programme which checks compliance with the RICS Red Book. RICS Registered Valuer
    RICS Accredited Mediators All Accredited Mediators included on the register will have successfully completed training with RICS or a training provider that meets the requirements of the Civil Mediation Council. RICS Accredited Mediators

    Can I Remove my Chimney Breast?

    Yes, you can remove a shared chimney breast, but it requires careful compliance with the Party Wall Act to ensure all legalities are handled correctly. The first step is to serve a Party Wall Notice to your adjoining neighbours to inform them of your intentions. This notice is a formal declaration required under the Party Wall Act that must outline the scope of work, the methods to be employed, and the timing of the chimney breast removal. It’s essential to provide sufficient detail to allow your neighbours to understand the implications of the work. If the neighbours give consent, the work can proceed. However, if they dissent or have concerns, you’ll need to secure a Party Wall Agreement. This agreement, mediated by a qualified Party Wall Surveyor, will set out the terms and conditions under which the chimney stack removal will occur, ensuring protections and assurances for both parties involved. By following these steps and respecting the legal requirements of the Party Wall Act, the process can be carried out smoothly and legally.

    Can I Remove The Chimney Stack?

    To remove a chimney stack at roof level, it’s essential to secure a formal agreement under the Party Wall Act, especially since this alteration could potentially affect your neighbour’s use of their chimney. The process begins by serving a Party Wall Notice to your adjoining neighbours. This notice must comprehensively detail your intended work, including the proposed removal of the chimney stack and how it might impact neighbouring properties. Importantly, there is a statutory 2-month notice period required after serving the Party Wall Notice to give your neighbours ample time to consider and respond to the proposal. If there are any concerns or objections from your neighbours, a Party Wall Agreement will be necessary. This agreement, facilitated by a qualified Party Wall Surveyor, will lay out the specific conditions and procedures for the removal, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and that neighbourly relations are maintained.

    What is a Gallows Bracket?

    A Gallows Bracket is a structural support used primarily in chimney breast removal, especially when the chimney stack remains intact above. This bracket serves to support the remaining section of the chimney stack after the breast has been removed from below. Gallows brackets are designed to transfer the load of the chimney stack to the party wall, ensuring the stability and safety of the structure.
    When planning to use a Gallows Bracket as part of a chimney removal, it’s essential to adhere to the procedures outlined in the Party Wall Act. This process starts with serving a Party Wall Notice to your adjoining neighbours. The notice should detail the proposed use of Gallows Brackets and how they will be implemented to support the chimney after the breast’s removal. The notice is a crucial first step to informing neighbours and providing them the opportunity to understand the changes and express any concerns.
    If there are any objections or the neighbours give a dissenting response, a Party Wall Agreement must be drafted. This agreement, often facilitated by a qualified Party Wall Surveyor, will outline the specific terms of the work, including safety measures and timelines. It ensures that all structural interventions, like the installation of Gallows Brackets, are legally sanctioned and agreed upon by affected parties, guaranteeing that the work proceeds smoothly and maintains the integrity of the shared structure.


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      What is a chimney breast?

      – A chimney breast is the part of the chimney that is visible within the home, often protruding into rooms where the fireplace is located.

      – Yes, you can remove a chimney breast, but you must comply with building regulations and, if applicable, obtain approval under the Party Wall Act.

      – Planning permission is not typically required unless the building is listed or in a conservation area. However, building control approval is necessary.

      – The Party Wall Act requires you to notify and obtain consent from adjoining neighbours if your chimney breast removal affects a shared wall or structure.

      – You must provide a written notice to your adjoining neighbours at least two months before the work begins, describing the work and its potential impact.

      – A Party Wall Agreement is a legally binding document agreed upon by you and your neighbour that outlines the rights and responsibilities regarding the building works.

      – If your neighbour dissents, you will need to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor who will resolve the dispute and ensure the work is carried out appropriately.

      – Yes, removing a chimney breast can affect your home’s structural integrity; hence, it is crucial to have the work assessed and carried out by a qualified professional.

      – Costs can vary widely based on the complexity of the job, location, and whether structural support is needed post-removal. Typically, it ranges from £1,500 to £5,000.

      – The remaining chimney stack may need support, such as installation of gallows brackets or complete removal if it’s no longer supported adequately.

      Trusted advice, upfront costs, and a helpful service… Your specialist RICS accredited party wall surveyors are ready to assist.

      Whether you need to issue a Party Wall Notice or you’ve been served one, RICS accredited Icon Surveyors are here to provide all the expert advice you need, so you can feel reassured and clear on the next steps to take.
      Party wall surveying is our speciality, and our knowledge of property and building surveying is extensive. Whether you’re a homeowner or a developer, our party wall surveyors will ensure that you and everyone involved are fully informed from the outset, achieving the best possible outcomes for all. This focused approach ensures compliance with the Party Wall Act and facilitates the smooth establishment of Party Wall Agreements, setting the standard for excellence in the field.

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