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Experts in Boundary Surveying

As leading experts in Boundary Surveying, Icon Surveyors bring years of experience and an extensive range of knowledge to the table. Whether you’re dealing with complex boundary disputes or seeking assistance with straightforward agreements, our team is equipped with the skills and expertise to efficiently resolve your issues. When it comes to your property’s boundaries, taking chances is not an option. Place your trust in the unparalleled expertise of Icon Surveyors, the boundary dispute and surveying specialists who are dedicated to getting the job done right. With our commitment to excellence, you can expect unbeatable service and reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Lightning-fast and helpful advice to solve all your property problems. With the knowledge and experience, to guide you through any issues you face, ensuring a speedy and efficient resolution. Don’t let property problems hold you back – trust the professionals at Icon Surveyors to provide the advice you need when you need it!

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The best service in the industry, with a friendly and approachable team, working with us an amazing experience. With expertise and a commitment to delivering results, we’ll ensure your project is completed on time and to the highest standard. Don’t settle for second best – choose Icon Surveyors for an exceptional service that exceeds all expectations.

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A Boundary Dispute arises when property owners who share a boundary have a difference in opinion on its location

If you find yourself party to a boundary dispute. Icon Surveyors can assist, this will avoid time-intensive and costly legal action. Here at Icon Surveyors, we always recommend trying to resolve disputes as a neighbourly matter, try to approach your neighbour and have a discussion. Sometimes a simple conversation can solve a dispute. If this does not work, we are here to help.

How Your Icon Boundary Surveyor can Help?

The key objective for a Boundary Surveyor is to provide the two parties in dispute, with a formalised opinion on the location of the boundary. Once we have confirmed our opinion you will be able to present the Boundary
Report, to the neighbour in dispute and request the trespass be removed in the first instance.

How Icon Does It



Your Icon Surveyor will begin the process by undertaking extensive desktop research. This will ensure we are informed of anything pertinent to the dispute. We will review lan registry documentation or ordnance survey maps and historic planning records.

Site Inspection

Site Inspection

Your Icon Surveyor will inspect the site and establish the existence of fences, walls, trees, hedges, posts and stone markers. We will ensure comprehensive measurements and a photographic record are taken so we are informed on the lay of the land.

Surveyor's Report & Determination

Surveyor’s Report & Determination

Upon completion of the pre-site investigation and a thorough site inspection, your Icon Surveyor will formalise a comprehensive report, outlining a clear impartial opinion of the boundary line location.

Historic Maps

Historic Maps

Construction of new walls can fall under the remit of the Party Wall etc Act 1996, and often require Party Wall Notices to be issued. If a new wall is being up to, or astride the boundary line. A Party Wall Notice will be required under the Party Wall etc Act 1996. This will also facilitate access to the adjoining owners land, to ensure the wall is completed safely and to a good standard.

Land Registry

Land Registry

Land Registry Information is pivotal in determining a boundary line. These records highlight easements, that could affect a boundaries position. Whilst these records contain a map forming the legal title, these plans tend to not be sufficient when scaling to the lay of the land, however, they act as a good indicator

Historic Photographs

Historic Photographs

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 covers various types of works, commonly misunderstood to fall within the Acts remit. Want to know more? Give us a call now, we are more than happy to discuss your Party Wall Surveying requirements.

Aerial Photographs

Aerial Photographs

We review aerial photographs of the property, more often than not these tend to be very small and difficult to scale. They still offer great insight into the location and direction of the boundary line. They also provide an unrivalled vantage point.

Satellite Imagery

Satellite Imagery

We use Google and several other resources. This tends to be a limited resource, as in most cases the photograph date restricts its relevance, however, we always review these as the more information to hand the better.

Planning Records

Planning Records

When submitting a planning application, both scaled drawings and site plans are provided. In most cases these document the boundary line and can benchmark the understood boundary position. We look at both subject properties as well as any surrounding properties, to establish a point of reference.

I have a Boundary Dispute What are My options?

Step 1

Get peace of mind with a free, no-obligation discussion. Email today and chat with our expert team in no time!

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Our speedy service ensures you’ll never be left waiting for long. Within just 30 minutes, you will
be speaking with an expert. Count on us for a quick response!

Step 3

Empower yourself to make the best decisions for your home! Our expert team will provide you
with all the information you need to weigh your options and proceed with confidence. Get in
touch today and take the first step towards your peace of mind.

Boundary Surveying Costs

We believe That Boundary Surveying Costs should be transparent. If you would like a fixed price quotation, please get in touch with our Surveying team who will be happy to advise.




Boundary Survey, Boundary Surveying determination of one boundary line




Boundary Surveying determination of two boundary line nation of two boundary line




Boundary Surveying determination mutual appointments by both parties for Boundary Surveying determination

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    Why Choose Icon Surveyors as your Boundary surveyors?

    When it comes to Boundary Surveying, choosing Icon Surveyors means selecting an unrivalled level of expertise and a proven track record of excellence. With our wealth of specialist experience in boundary matters and extensive qualifications in building surveying, we are more than capable of tackling any challenge that arises.

    Our reputation speaks volumes, as we have earned the trust of a wide range of clients, including private homeowners, Local Authorities and property developers involved in complex projects. We take pride in offering high-level advice while maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanour. Throughout the surveying process, we prioritise clear communication and ensure a personalised experience tailored to your specific needs.

    Rest assured that as regulated professionals by esteemed bodies like the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and the Chartered Institute of Engineers, we hold ourselves accountable for the success of your boundary surveying project. Our unwavering commitment to delivering optimal results is fuelled by our dedication to your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

    Choose Icon Surveyors as your trusted partner for Boundary Surveying and experience the reassurance of working with experts who genuinely care about resolving your boundary issues. Benefit from our expertise, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to excellence as we guide you through the process with utmost care and attention.

    Expert Party Wall Surveyors in Surrey: Get Peace of Mind with Icon Surveyors’ Accreditations and Expertise

    By choosing accredited and highly experienced boundary surveyors in the UK, such as Icon Surveyors, you can have complete peace of mind. Our team ensures that your legal responsibilities are handled meticulously and in full compliance with the correct protocols.

    We firmly believe that providing ample information to all parties involved reduces the chances of a boundary dispute escalating. By fostering clear communication and understanding, we minimize delays, cut down on costs, and ensure smoother project execution.

    At Icon Surveyors, we are committed to resolving boundary disputes effectively. Our expertise and professionalism make us the go-to experts in the field. With our dedicated approach, we aim to provide you with the utmost assurance that your boundary issues will be handled with precision and care.

    Choose Icon Surveyors as your trusted boundary experts and experience the peace of mind that comes from working with a team that prioritizes your interests and ensures a smooth resolution to your boundary disputes.

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    Free Party Wall Advice

    There’s a huge amount to bear in mind when you’re undertaking construction works, and it can be a challenge to make sure all the legal bases are covered. The good news is that specialist party wall company Icon Surveyors is here to help with up to 15 minutes of FREE telephone advice with an experienced party wall surveyor in London or Surrey. There’s no obligation, and we’ll put the advice in writing if you need it.

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    We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions from our clients to make sure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your project. From pricing to scheduling, we’ve got you covered.

    Plus, with our expert team on hand to address any additional questions or concerns you may have, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

    Don’t let uncertainty hold you back – check out our FAQ section today and get the answers you need to succeed!

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      How long does a Boundary Inspection take?

      On average 1- 4 hours, in this time, the Surveyor undertaking the inspection will be taking both photographic and written records and recording detailed measurements of the property and its boundary.

      For your neighbour to disagree, they will be required to put forth their Surveyor’s opinion or own evidence. Upon receipt of this proof, we advise getting back in touch with us to discuss their response and mediate the differences, which more often than not, leads to a simple resolution.

      Once the Boundary report is complete, assuming the Surveyor’s opinion is in line with yours in relation to the boundary issue.
      We advise presenting the report to the neighbour under dispute and requesting they address the trespass within a reasonable set period.

      If your neighbouring still dispute your Boundary report, you have the final option to proceed to court. The courts may subpoena your Surveyor to inform the court of their findings, at the minimum they will take the Surveyors report into the evidence bundle in support of your case. (this adds substance to your case) The courts have also been known to appoint an external expert, to provide further opinion and ultimately assist in making a judgement.

      Boundary surveying involves determining the exact location and legal boundaries of a property. It helps identify property lines, easements, encroachments, and other relevant boundary-related information.

      A boundary survey is essential for various reasons, including resolving boundary disputes, ensuring property rights and ownership, verifying property dimensions for construction projects, and obtaining accurate property assessments.

      While a boundary survey provides an accurate representation of property lines, it does not guarantee the resolution of disputes with neighbors. However, it provides a crucial piece of evidence to help resolve such disputes through legal processes, negotiations, or mediation.

      It is helpful to provide any existing property surveys, deeds, title documents, or other relevant records during the boundary surveying process. These documents aid in understanding property history and assist the surveyor in making accurate determinations.

      Conducting a boundary survey requires expertise, knowledge of surveying techniques, and access to specialized equipment. It is recommended to hire a qualified and experienced boundary surveyor who can provide accurate and legally defensible results.

      Remember, for specific information and personalized advice tailored to your unique situation, it’s best to consult with a professional boundary surveyor.

      Certainly! Here’s an additional FAQ for boundary surveying potential clients:

      The cost of a boundary survey can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the property, location, terrain, and any specific requirements or challenges involved. It is advisable to request a detailed quote from a professional boundary surveyor, who can provide an accurate cost estimate based on the specific characteristics of your property.

      Remember, each boundary surveying project is unique, and it’s important to consult with a qualified boundary surveyor to assess your specific needs and provide you with the most accurate information regarding timelines, costs, and the scope of the survey.

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