A Schedule of Condition Report is a detailed photographic & written record of a property’s condition. The Report will be undertaken prior to neighbouring works as a form of protection, it will identify the condition of the neighbouring property, ensuring any defects or damage attributed to the neighbouring construction works are identifiable. In some cases, you will find a Schedule of Condition Report adhered to a Lease to limit a tenant’s repairing obligations.

  • Traditional Schedule Of Condition Report

    Traditional Schedule Of Condition Report

    A Schedule of Condition report is a comprehensive inspection undertaken prior to neighbouring construction works. The Report will be held on account and referred back to in the event of damage being caused.

  • Modern Schedule Of Condition Report

    Modern Schedule Of Condition Report

    The report includes a full 360 view and record of the property areas, in close proximity to the proposed construction works. The virtual tour will be held on account and referred back to in the event of issue.

We believe that Schedule of Condition Report costs should be transparent in order to obtain a fixed cost. Please get in touch, with our Surveying team who will be happy to advise.

Schedule of Condition Report

Schedule Of Condition Report for House

Schedule of Condition Report 360 View

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If damage is caused, Will the Schedule of Condition Report help me?

Yes. Schedule of Condition Report’s are undertaken prior to works commencing, and are vital if damage is caused as a result of the works, or proving that the damage was existing.

This will vary depending on the type of construction works taking place at the neighbouring property. Generally speaking, we inspect all areas within 3-6m of the construction works taking place. The inspection includes both external and internal areas.

We would advise allowing a minimum of 45 minutes with a maximum of 5 hours if the property is extremely large. In this time, the Surveyor inspecting will take a thorough photographic and written record of the property.

Not unless this is agreed. A post-work inspection will only be undertaken if we are requested to do so, at instruction stage.