Understanding Your Rights and the Role of Boundary Surveyors

As a property owner, one of the most common challenges you might face is a boundary dispute with your neighbours. Matters like encroachment on your land or uncertainties about the exact location of a boundary can lead to disagreements, causing stress and possible legal complications if not resolved correctly. At Icon Surveyors, we specialise in Party Wall Surveying, Boundary Surveying, Building Surveying, and Valuation and are committed to offering educational, informative, and helpful content aimed at providing property owners throughout England and Wales with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate such issues confidently and effectively.

Boundary disputes can stem from various factors, such as misplaced fences, overhanging trees, or disagreement on the placement of property boundaries. Understanding your rights as a property owner is crucial to ensure that any disputes are resolved fairly and efficiently. By being aware of your rights, you are in a better position to communicate your concerns and negotiate a fair solution, minimise disputes, and maintain a good relationship with your neighbours.

Engaging the services of a professional Boundary Surveyor to assist with these disputes is essential, as it allows the process to be dealt with accurately and impartially. An experienced surveyor can assess the precise boundary locations, give expert advice, and reduce the likelihood of a dispute escalating into a lengthy, time-consuming, and potentially expensive legal battle.

This blog aims to help you better understand the role of Boundary Surveyors, the importance of being aware of your rights as a property owner, and the various strategies to help prevent and resolve boundary disputes. By being equipped with the appropriate knowledge and engaging with the right professionals, you can handle boundary disputes with confidence, efficiency, and minimal disruptiveness.

Causes of Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes can result from various factors. Understanding these reasons is essential to identifying potential issues and taking appropriate steps to prevent disputes from arising. Common causes of boundary disputes include the following:

1. Land Registry Errors: Land Registry records may occasionally include inaccuracies that can lead to confusion over exact boundary locations. In such cases, professional consultation and property surveying can help clarify the correct boundaries.

2. Misplaced Fences or Walls: Over time, fences or walls may be moved or replaced without proper consideration of the original boundary positions, leading to disagreements between neighbours.

3. Incorrect Assumptions: In some instances, property owners may have mistaken assumptions about their boundaries, often due to misinformation or misinterpretation of the available records.

4. Natural Boundary Changes: Natural changes in features such as watercourses or landscape alterations can lead to shifts in boundary lines, giving rise to disputes.

Understanding Your Rights as a Property Owner

As a property owner, being aware of your rights is crucial for resolving boundary disputes fairly and efficiently. Key rights to consider include the following:

1. Right to Ownership: If you possess a legal title to the land, you have the right to assert your ownership and protect your land from encroachment or unjustified occupation.

2. Right to Expressway: You have a legal right to sufficient access to your property, even if it requires crossing neighbouring land. This right may be subject to specific agreements or conditions with your neighbours.

3. Right to Privacy: Privacy is an essential aspect of property ownership; therefore, you have the right to prevent neighbours from overlooking or intruding upon your property in an unreasonable manner.

4. Right to Support: You have the right to expect that your property is supported naturally by adjoining land and structures. However, it is essential to engage a surveyor or specialist to determine any potential impacts or disruptions to this support.

The Role of Boundary Surveyors in Resolving Disputes

Boundary Surveyors play a vital role in identifying and resolving boundary disputes. The key responsibilities of Boundary Surveyors include the following:

1. Establishing Accurate Boundaries: Professional Boundary Surveyors possess the expertise and equipment to accurately determine property boundaries according to legal records and physical markers.

2. Providing Expert Advice: Boundary Surveyors can advise on dealing with land registry errors, obtaining the necessary consent, or navigating legal challenges related to boundary disputes.

3. Liaison with Neighbours: In some cases, Boundary Surveyors can help communicate with neighbours on your behalf, presenting evidence and negotiating solutions in a professional, impartial manner.

4. Mediation and Dispute Resolution: If disputes cannot be resolved through direct negotiation, Boundary Surveyors can serve as independent mediators, helping both parties reach an agreeable final resolution.

Preventing and Resolving Boundary Disputes

Preventing boundary disputes requires proactive measures and open communication. Consider the following measures for preventing and resolving boundary disputes efficiently:

1. Verify Boundaries: Ensure that you are aware of your property boundaries by reviewing the relevant documents and engaging a professional Boundary Surveyor to clarify any uncertainties.

2. Maintain Records: Keep accurate records of any agreements or conversations with your neighbours regarding boundaries, as well as any relevant documents such as Land Registry records, property deeds, and surveys.

3. Open Communication: Engage with your neighbours in a respectful and diplomatic manner, openly discussing any concerns relating to boundaries and striving to maintain a positive relationship.

4. Seek Professional Assistance: Should a dispute arise, engage the services of a professional Boundary Surveyor to mediate and negotiate the most appropriate resolution, ensuring your rights are protected and maintained.


Boundary disputes are a common challenge faced by property owners. Understanding your rights, the role of Boundary Surveyors, and the various strategies to prevent and resolve disputes can help ensure your property interests are protected and well-managed. By engaging with the appropriate professionals and being aware of your property rights, you can approach boundary disputes with confidence and achieve efficient, fair resolutions.

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